Why not get your boiler (& other gas appliance) services done on the same visit as your Gas Safety Certificate and save money and time? We offer a combined price on services which is less than their separate cost, as it only involves one visit. Also, for the same reason, we can offer a discount for multiple appliance gas safety checks at the same premises.

2 Hour Arrival Window
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I’m sure you don’t like waiting in all day, not knowing what time someone or something is going to arrive. Neither do we, which is why offer a 2 hour arrival window when you make an appointment. We can’t give you an exact time, because we never know how long each job is going to take, but we do try to narrow it down to a 2 hour window.

Text Updates

If possible we will, closer to the time, narrow this down further, letting you know when the engineer has finished the last job, and is on his way. On the rare occasions it looks like we might miss that 2 hour window, we will let you know as soon as we know, so you can make use of the time. We won’t just leave you wondering. Good communication is the key, and we will provide you with updates, by text if you prefer, to keep you informed.

Customer Satisfaction is Our Goal

Most of our customers have used us before. In addition to people coming back, we have had new customers inform us that they came to us because one of our past clients recommendation. Please see our testimonial page so you can read about their experiences first hand.

………..such a pleasant change not to have tradesmen blasting out their radios and swearing at one another, I’m recommending you to all my friends!

Satisfied Redland Customer Older Lady Mr. C. Sanders from Bath

Fair Charge

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Hourly rates, charging basis, parts & parts collection etc.

If you haven’t used us before, especially on repair jobs done on the hourly rate, you may be worried about the bill running away. We understand this worry and so can offer you these safeguards.

  • You will be quoted a rate when you book the job.
  • If it’s going to take over an hour, &/or parts need fitting, you will receive an estimate of the likely cost of both the labour and the parts.
  • If you don’t want to go ahead, for any reason, there will only be the first hour charge.
  • If you do go ahead you have an idea of the likely cost, you’re not in completely ‘uncharted territory’.
  • Your bill will be clearly broken down into parts & labour.